I'm Gilbert Weillschmidt, age 23, a spy for the German government. I'm an only child from a line of spies, so I've been doing this for longer than I've been officially part of the government. I stand out in some crowds, but that's the thing, sometimes you want to stand out. I'm really too curious for my own good and have almost gotten killed for tailing an assassin. I don't believe I'll be doing that again any time soon... Right now, you can have me look into people, but for a price. I'm a busy man, so you get what you pay for. I may be young, but don't let that fool you. Three years in the field can do a lot. Helps when you come from a family like this. Relationship status: Engaged (ludwigfreiherr) Magic anon status: None ((This is an independent Human Hetalia Rp account, so, feel free to have some fun!)) ((When tagging me in a post, please put it as: thespygilbertprupru as that's the tag I'm following. Thanks! :D))
January 14th

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Gilbert had been sent on a mission to Italy. He didn’t go there often but had been told to go visit a certain friend of Lutz’s before returning to Germany. So, after calling ahead, he got an appointment with the man. Now here he was knocking on the door to the Italian’s office wondering if, perhaps, the man was part of the Mafia? It wouldn’t surprise the spy. Nation’s seemed to have their hands in everything.